3 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Expert Duct Fabricator and Installer

You can have as much as 300 feet of ductwork running through your home distributing conditioned air to various rooms via vents. For efficient distribution, sizing, pressure, and airflow need to be taken into consideration, and if certain guidelines are not met, it will quickly have an impact on your comfort and utility bill. To ensure it is done properly, contact All Temp for your duct installation Kissimmee needs.


Most of the time, aluminum tape is used to seal the seams between duct pieces. Then, insulation is used to separate the ductwork from attics or crawl spaces. If this is not done correctly, the result can be air leakage of up to 20 percent. This means you will have an inefficient system that will cost you more, provide poor air quality, and can also lead to early failure of your equipment.


Your duct installation needs to match the size of your unit to ensure efficient operation. A professional duct installation company will be able to match the duct system to the equipment you use to ensure a flush fit. Additionally, these professionals will also fine-tune your ductwork for comfort and longevity, as well. This is done through a process known as balancing wherein dampers that are located within the ducts are adjusted so that the right amount of air is flowing into each room.


The design of your ductwork can have an adverse impact on your air conditioner’s efficiency. A poor duct design may include too many bends, not enough ductwork was used, or failure to route the ducts correctly through your home. Also, it could also mean that either the wrong configuration or inappropriate materials were used. Regardless of the cause, the result is the same, an inefficient duct system.

When an air conditioning system begins to perform poorly, most people assume that it is the system itself needs to be repaired or replaced. However, the reason your unit may be running inefficiently could be due to the air ducts. For all of your duct installation Kissimmee needs, contact All Temp to ensure it is done and maintained properly.


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