How to Avoid your AC Unit Freezing up this Summer

As we have already experienced some hot and humid days, we know that summer is creeping up on us and here in Florida, that means that the temperature and the humidity compete to see who can be higher and more uncomfortable. It is also prime time for your AC Unit to decide to freeze up. Thankfully, though, there are some of steps you can take to try and avoid this situation, and if none of them work, you can always call All Temp air conditioning repair Kissimmee. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Air Flow

The simplest and most cost-effective way to ensure your air conditioner does not freeze is to change the air filters regularly. This means about every three months or so. However, if you notice that the AC’s evaporative coils are already dirty, while you may be able to vacuum out some of the debris yourself, you will probably need to have them cleaned by a professional as some have coils need to be removed for proper cleaning.

Refrigerant Charge

If your AC is running low on refrigerant or the fluid is improperly charged, this can lead to the system freezing. The most common cause of coolant problems is leaks, and these can occur when moving parts rub together or vibrate over time. Also, leaks are also likely to be found where fittings and shoulder joints are loose.

However, only a certified HVAC technician can check the levels and recharge the system, if necessary. Therefore, to keep fluid levels functional, you will need to contact a qualified professional to perform a thorough test on your system as a technician will be able to look for leaks, repair damaged or weakened parts, refill coolant and make sure you AC is in good working condition.

Now is a good time to schedule maintenance with All Temp because it is before peak season and this will help you to avoid high prices and emergency service charges.  They are here for all of your air conditioning repair Kissimmee needs. The capable hands of their technicians have been keeping the area comfortable for over 20 years.


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