How to Find an AC Repair Technician

Regardless of the age of your unit or how well you take care of it, at some point, it will need to be repaired. It’s best to have someone lined up to take care of the issues before they become major problems. This will prevent you from feeling forced and rushed into randomly choose an AC repair business. While the best company to call for AC repair Kissimmee is All Temp, here are some tips we suggest to help you make that decision.

What to Look For

The company that you hire should only send licensed technicians to your home. Therefore, once you have some names, go online and find out what their qualifications are and how long they have been in business. You should also look for insurance, warranty and guarantee information, as well as the brands they choose to use. Be sure to also look for reviews and their standing with the Better Business Bureau. Then, you should have at least three come out and give you an estimate, in writing.

Other Factors to Consider

When the technician comes out to look at your unit, be sure to ask if the project qualifies for any federal or state tax credits or rebates. Also, make sure the project is properly documented to meet all incentive requirements. Another thing to ask about is whether or not there is a payment plan. This is especially important if the fix will be expensive. If you use it, make sure you read the fine print and know what you will be financially responsible for repaying.

Once you find an AC repair company to do the job, be sure to ask about their maintenance plans and service contracts. A maintenance plan will enable you to have someone come out once or twice a year to check out the unit and ensure it is in working order. A service contract will cover parts and labor on the entire unit so that if you have a problem again, it will not be as expensive to repair.
Regardless of when, if your AC is on the fritz, contact All Temp for your AC repair Kissimmee needs. They will have you feeling comfortable again in no time.


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