Solar Powered AC

Solar power and its conversion to electricity for heating, cooling and other uses is nonpolluting. It’s also free and plentiful.

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Solar works like any other form of energy. It can provide power for everything from the refrigerator to video game systems. How it does this depends on the technology you choose.

How Solar Energy Works

An easy first step is to call a Lennox SunSource Dealer, who will stop by your home to assess your needs and help you decide how many roof modules to add now or over time.

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See how you can save with a SunSource Home Energy System, compared to an older heat pump or air conditioner.

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Tour our solar house to learn how the SunSource Home Energy System works to lower your utility costs.

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Q:  Will going solar compromise my comfort in any way?
A:  At the heart of the SunSource Home Energy System is a solar-ready heat pump or air conditioner designed to deliver the same optimal comfort and high-efficiency performance offered by other systems from the Dave Lennox Signature® Collection.

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The U.S. federal government and some states provide tax credits for renewable-energy systems. Depending on where you live, you may also be eligible for incentives through your utility company.


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