System Spotlight: Rheem

There are dozens of systems available for air conditioning in Kissimmee, and at All Temp, Rheem is one of our most popular. Rheem is an experienced leader in the residential A/C industry. Each system is highly efficient, require minimal to no maintenance, and even have some aesthetic value. The more you learn about the Rheem units available, the better prepared you will be to choose the right one for your home.

Classic Series Single Stage (RA13)

This particular Rheem air conditioner has a scroll compressor along with a composite base pan to helps relieve operational noise. It has a SEER rating of 13 to 15.5, delivering the efficiency you need. The powder coat paint lasts a long time and it has improved curb appeal over previous units. The screws are designed to resist rust and it features a QR code to give technical information with ease. There is a PlusOne Triple Service Access that is 15 inches wide for easier access for appears and a PlusOne Expanded Valve Space of 3 to 5 inches to enlarge the working area.

Classic Series Single Stage (RA14**W)

This unit is very similar to the previous Rheem option as it is also has a single stage and from the same series, but it is more efficient, reaching up to 16 SEER. It uses the same scroll compressor technology to maximize this efficiency while the optimized fan orifice keeps it nice and quiet.

Classic Series Single Stage (RA14)

As expected, this particular Rheem unit combines the features of the previous two, including the composite base pan, scroll compressor, and efficiency of as much as 16 SEER. Like the previous models, it also has 35 percent fewer fasteners, so it is easier to access the internal parts quickly.

Classic Series Single Stage (RA16)

This Rheem air conditioner takes all the features of the previous models with as much as 16 SEER. Other important features include the single-row condenser coil for better cleaning and to make the unit lighter and external gauge port access.

Classic Plus Series Two-Stage (RA17)

Slightly different from the previous Rheem air conditioning units, this one is two stage, but it still has many of the features of the previous ones. To make it even better, however, it is enabled to work with EcoNet Smart Home System for advanced control of air and water to save energy while maximizing comfort. It also features a Two-Stage Copeland Scroll Ultra Tech Compressor that has two capacity settings to improve efficiency. It has a SEER rating of up to 17.

Prestige Series Variable Speed (RA20)

This unit always has a SEER rating of at least 20, making it the most efficient of the bunch. It is also EcoNet enabled but uses a Copeland Scroll Variable Speed Compressor to deliver precise control.

Now that you know some of Rheems residential A/C systems let us help you figure out which unit to use for your air conditioning in Kissimmee. Any can deliver the efficiency and reliability that you are looking for as a homeowner. Simply ask the professionals at All Temp for advice, and we will set you up. Call us at 407-857-7800 (Kissimmee) or 813-630-9400 (Tampa).


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